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Sweden Security Snapshot – May 2018


In Stockholm two grenade related incidents were recorded. A hand grenade was handed into a police station in Farsta on 26 May leading to the station being locked down as experts deactivated the device. A suspected hand grenade was also found near a villa in Ingarö on 15 May with another controlled detonation carried out by police. A man reportedly armed with a helmet, bulletproof vest and replica or real firearm attempted to attack a police station in Täby on 26 May. The man shouted to police that he had a suicide belt and was shot and injured. Intelligence Fusion has recorded multiple incidents involving attacks on police stations or property by criminal groups. Grenades, arson or IED attacks have been the most common tactic used to target police stations. Full details of these can be viewed by subscribers.

A series of political demonstrations occurred in Stockholm starting with May Day protests on 1 May and culminating in an Alternative for Sweden Party election rally at Biblioteksgatan on 26 May. Large brawls between gangs of youths over the month were also reported in the centre of the city as well as a woman stabbed in Sergels Torg on 4 May 2018.

A series of armed robberies and shooting incidents were concentrated in the north west of the city in the vicinity of Husby, Rinkby and Spånga. Arson attacks on vehicles were mainly reported in the south of the city.


Gothenburg witnessed an increase in shooting incidents compared to previous months although criminal activity in Biskopsgården was subdued throughout the month compared to previous reporting periods. The majority of the shooting incidents were drive-bys of residences and individuals on the street. These are thought to be related to organised crime and associated turf wars in the city between gangs and rival ethnic groups. Far right NMR members clashed with members of a May Day trade union rally on 1 May and the Social Democrats held a rally in Gustav Adolf Square. A series of burglaries of businesses and assaults were also concentrated within the centre of the city. Three police officers were also injured during a car chase near Lindholmsallén on 9 May. Arson attacks on vehicles decreased this month as well as grenade and firecracker attacks.


In Malmö during this period social unrest was recorded in Eriksfältsgatan on 6 May and Möllevången on 26 May with large groups of youths involved in mass brawling and violence. Multiple vehicle torching incidents were recorded in Rosengård. Incidents of sex attacks have continued with a woman raped by bus stop at Amiralsgatan on 22 May and another sexually assaulted on Carl Gustafs Väg on 23 May. However no gang rapes were recorded this month. There have been a series of gang rape incidents since November 2017. Although not on the graphic, Lund, north east of the city suffered a spike in arson attacks. Assassinations, shootings and detonations associated with organised crime also occurred.


With the onset of the summer months Sweden is likely to see an increase in political gatherings and demonstrations such as Alternative for Sweden’s kick-start to the electoral season witnessed in May with a series of protests and rallies in Växjö, Stockholm and Uppsala. National elections are planned in September with the subjects of immigration and crime increasingly important and controversial topics for the Swedish electorate. Potential clashes between extremist groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement and Antifa are a possibility.

With improved weather and daylight hours giving increased freedom of movement to criminals, it is expected that potential arson attacks on vehicles and sex attacks in public areas such as at music festivals will increase as was witnessed in 2017.

During the month of May 2018, Intelligence Fusion recorded over 250 significant incidents for Sweden nationwide. Since 2016 when we began monitoring Sweden we have identified a significant number of criminal trends and patterns as well as new security developments. We record armed robberies, commercial property burglaries, arson attacks, sex attacks, terrorism as well as much more. Full details of nearly 5,000 incidents for Sweden are available to subscribers.

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