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So What? Intelligence Fusion’s Smart Approach to Threat Intelligence

Being notified of incidents as soon as they happen is paramount to protecting your business; it’s people, assets and reputation. Immediate alerts with trustworthy information allows you to respond quickly, essentially saving lives as well as time and money. The foundation of our mission is to ensure businesses can do exactly this, but the wider aim of Intelligence Fusion is to provide organisations with a great deal more.

We believe that businesses should be able to not only respond to incidents but to anticipate and be prepared for them, wherever or whenever they may occur. In addition to making sure you receive actionable, accurate incident details at speed, we follow up each significant event with insightful, expert analysis.

We give our clients context, as well as facts, by delivering in-depth assessments of incidents that fully analyses the immediate repercussions as well as the long-term effects of every event. Because we collect data on a huge variation of incidents, from petty crime and planned protests to political corruption, social unrest and terrorism, we can track trends, foresee likely scenarios and identify discreet similarities or connections to give organisations a complete and unfiltered picture of different security landscapes.

We currently gather over 10,000 global incidents every month, all of which are verified and curated by Intelligence Fusion’s team of experienced analysts. And while not every single piece of data is relevant to every organisation, you can see how by gathering such a vast amount of intelligence that is individually overseen by the human eye, we’re able to confidently comment on the security environment of every region. We understand each industry and country that we operate within because we monitor them intimately, round the clock.

Whilst so much data may seem overwhelming, we customise our intelligence data feed based on the requirements of each individual organisation. If a client is only interested in a specific type of incident or a single region, for example, we will only deliver the data that corresponds with their business’ needs. Being able to filter incidents so that they only see those which they need to be aware of also allows decision makers to cut through the noise and identify critical information more efficiently; ultimately eliminating the risk of potentially missing important information or exposing an incident when it’s too late.

Intelligence Fusion consistently follows incidents until their conclusion meaning that you’ll receive instant updates as stories develop and unfold. Whilst these details aren’t necessarily information you need to act on quickly, the more you learn about the build up to an incident and the consequences that follow, businesses can redefine and perfect their strategies for mitigating threats in the future.

The integrity of the threat intelligence, and the speed in which the incident alerts are delivered, is instrumental to decision makers, particularly when managing real-time emergency situations. We place significant value on our ‘So What?’ approach to threat intelligence because our clients need to be able to trust that the data they are receiving is accurate and relevant to their business or the locations in which they operate in order to react and protect. Irrelevant intelligence, or data that hasn’t been contextualised, can lead to false alerts, unnecessarily wasting time, money and energy.

There is a growing need for threat intelligence in business, regardless of whether you consider yourself to operate in a high-risk environment or not, it’s often simply an element of your Duty of Care. Intelligence Fusion offer a range of threat intelligence solutions to suit businesses of every size and capacity. We also offer expert advice and consultancy to those who are unsure of what, or if, they need a situational awareness solution.

We’re hosting a free webinar on Friday 9th November, unveiling our brand new intelligence platform to a limited number of people. There’ll also be an opportunity for Q&A with our CEO, Michael McCabe, and a one-time offer for attendees only. Register your interest today for an exclusive first look at Intelligence Fusion 2.0.



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