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Hospitals, Medical, Dental, Other Human Health

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The energy sector relies on Intelligence Fusion to provide accurate, timely and actionable threat intelligence to help protect people, assets and operations across the globe.

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Real-time threat intelligence to help the financial services industry mitigate risk, prevent loss and make informed and efficient business decisions.

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Pharmaceutical, Science and Chemicals

Intelligence Fusion provides enhanced threat intelligence and situational awareness to the global pharmaceutical industry. Subscribe for regular news, updates and developments.

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Your number one resource for intelligence and analysis surrounding the threat landscape that impacts the Telecoms industry.

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From gas and electricity businesses to water and waste services, we provide real-time threat intelligence and breaking news to the Utilities industry across the globe to help protect people, assets and reputations.

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Covering all elements of the supply chain, Intelligence Fusion's threat alerts and incident analysis helps the manufacturing industry protect their operations, productivity and performance.

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Maritime and Ports

Maritime intelligence and incident reporting across the seven seas. Intelligence Fusion protects the global maritime industry with real-time threat alerts and breaking news.

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Aviation and Airports

Intelligence Fusion's reporting isn't exclusive to land-based incidents. We monitor activity and identify potential threats across the skies too, helping aviation organisations mitigate risk with every flight.

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Intelligence Fusion works with mining corporations across the globe to protect their assets, people and reputation through 24/7 threat intelligence monitoring.

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Environment and Agriculture

Monitoring the various threats surrounding the environment and agricultural economy as well as the wider impact of geopolitical instability, civil and social unrest on the sector.

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Leisure, Sport and Tourism

Protecting tourists and corporate travellers mitigate threats with real time travel alerts, advice and risk management solutions.

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NGOs and Charity

Intelligence Fusion helps non-profit and charity organisations address social and political issues through the delivery of fast, accurate and relevant data from across the globe.

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Assisting the retail industry secure their assets and operations with real time data feeds and relevant incident alerts.

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Providing real time data alerts and security consultancy to educational institutions across the world to help protect their students, faculty and assets.

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Transport and Logistics

Intelligence Fusion's real time data gives land based transportation and logistics organisations the tools and information they need to improve performance and productivity by keeping their people, assets and reputations safe.

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