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Track24 Globalises Product Offer with an Intelligence Fusion Data Feed

“Intelligence Fusion provides a timely and accurate data set of incidents throughout the world. We're excited to offer this feed to clients via our advanced visualisations and analytics platform.”

- Raymond Kenney (Managing Director - Track24)

Our Intelligence Data Feed clients have two common factors. The first is that they need to have an understanding of what is happening around the world, either for internal operations or their own client base. The second, is that they have either an app, software or a platform with which to visualise our data.

The data we record consists of global threats that may impact businesses, organisations and individuals. Our data categories cover land, sea and air, ranging from issues such as conflict, criminality, hazards, protests and non-traditional threats.   

Intelligence Data Feed clients are often looking to improve the quality of their own intelligence, however, lack the internal capability to do so or see using Intelligence Fusion as a simpler and far more cost effective option.


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Track24 is a security technology company who provide applications, hardware and services that focus on keeping people and assets safe and secure globally.   

The team were looking to improve the breadth and depth of intelligence that was being disseminated to their clients via their platforms, as well as providing a new revenue stream to the business. To do this internally would have required additional diverse capability as well as significant expense. 

By outsourcing their intelligence collection to Intelligence Fusion, Track24 now provide situational awareness to their clients across multiple continents rather than just Iraq. Using this data they now provide a globalised product and have acquired a plethora of new clients.

Lloyds Whittaker, Analyst and Commercial Officer for Track24 said; “We can attest that cross-referencing data from multiple sources to ensure its accuracy is a labour intensive process. If it is not properly verified, analysts can misinterpret or miss important information altogether. Even highly automated systems, such as those using data ‘scrapers’ and machine learning, often have elements of a ‘human in the loop’ to add a contextual layer to the data, to verify its integrity, or ‘train’ the system. This is what we think is the advantage of Intelligence Fusion’s processes and in-house analysts." 

He continued; "Not only have they globalised our product, but their data is sifted through by professionals with years of experience in intelligence gathering. This adds another layer of context to incident data, such as the wider impact of an event, that would otherwise be lacking.”

Raw data is irrelevant without insightful and inherently experienced human analysis. Mapping comprehensive incident data only forms a baseline for the IF platform. By utilising our on-the-ground network and experience of situational threat awareness, we can flag developments with unwavering accuracy whilst for our clients, the breadth and depth of our intelligence data provides the insight they need to operate effectively and safely.

And because an Intellgience Fusion Data Feed comes with a commercial license agreement, we create a brand new revenue stream for your business too. In addition to using the information internally, you can sell the data on to your own client base via software, an app or platform. 

To find out more about us and how our data feeds can bring you a significant return on investment, download our FREE Guide to Intelligence Data Feeds today. 




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