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5 Tools That Will Transform Your Threat Intelligence

After four years of intense research and development, we’ve designed and built the ultimate solution for security professionals worldwide. Intelligence Fusion 2.0 aims to transform your threat intelligence with an innovative new look, improved user experience and a series of ground-breaking new features. 

Intelligence Fusion currently collects over 10,000 incidents every month - that’s a lot of data. And we’re aware that not every incident will be relevant to every client, so along with a host of other brand new tools that we’re releasing with IF 2.0, we’ve significantly enhanced the ability to identify pertinent information. 

As well as the basic filtering options that you could use within the first version of Intelligence Fusion, such as location, date range and incident type, we’ve added an extensive range of advanced filtering options to allow clients to really drill down into the specific information they need. 

1. New and Improved Incident List

We’ve almost doubled the amount of incident icons within our new threat intelligence platform. Threats are evolving and new ones are constantly emerging therefore we’ve reflected this in our icon list. Clients can choose to be alerted to an entire category i.e. ‘Criminality’ or they can choose to be alerted to one of the 46 types of incidents within that category, such as ‘ATM Robbery’.

Adding that further layer of granularity allows our clients to quickly and easily differentiate between the types of incident that may be occurring and filter only for the categories or icons that they wish to be alerted of. 

List of incident types and categories on the new threat intelligence platform from Intelligence Fusion

2.  Keyword Tagging

The brand new platform gives our analysts the ability to tag incidents with relevant keywords and phrases so that we never lose any information. For example, a stabbing incident would be uploaded to the platform using the stabbing icon, however if this was a stabbing attack linked to terrorism we would previously be unable to record this fact but with Intelligence Fusion 2.0 we can. Adding a tag of ‘terrorism’ to this incident means that if a client searched for that phrase within the platform, every report - regardless of the type of incident - related to terrorism could be identified. We could also do this with company names i.e. ‘Hilton’ or a group within a sector, for example, ‘supermarkets’.

The ability to tag improves threat intelligence for businesses

3. Sector Affected

We can also segment incidents by the sector affected. As an example, one of our Oil and Gas clients may want to be notified of incidents of ‘Theft’ that have affected the ‘Energy’ sector in ‘South America’ to analyse any trends of petroleum theft in their region. This enables our clients to get a detailed understanding of the security landscape around them, also allowing them to anticipate and prepare for potential threats.

Tagging sectors affected by incidents helps businesses get improved threat intelligence at speed

4. Involved Parties 

By recording parties involved in an incident, we can then aggregate the data regarding that group. As an example you could use our advanced filtering options to identify and review all incidents globally that have either been conducted by or have had an impact on the Islamic State. In addition, clients can see any themes, assessment or commentary linked to the group. 

A new tool in threat intelligence allows clients to easily identify the parties involved or targeted in an incident.

5. Ongoing Incidents

We can upload an incident onto our threat intelligence platform minutes after an event has taken place. This can often mean, like in the case of a terrorist attack or hostage situation, that the incident has not yet concluded and the event is still unfolding. We can highlight this within Intelligence Fusion 2.0. Any ongoing incidents will be easily identified by a pulsing red dot attached the icon. Clients can filter by ongoing incidents within the platform giving them a real time picture of what they need to be aware of in their region or sector at that very moment. We’ll update users via in-platform notifications or email alerts of developments and updates as we gather them. 

Our ongoing incidents features help you identify incidents that are ongoing for effective travel security and employee safety

Threat intelligence platform allows you to identify ongoing incidents when planning corporate travel security

Filter your threat intelligence to alert you of ongoing incidents for enhanced travel security

Clients can save filters so that they can choose what they see immediately upon logging in, saving you time, effort and ultimately money. And these are just 5 of the many key tools within Intelligence Fusion 2.0 that will vastly enhance your threat intelligence. By cutting through the noise and excluding incidents that aren’t relevant to their organisation, decision makers can identify critical information more efficiently; mitigating the risk of missing important information or exposure to an incident when it’s too late.

If you’d like to find out more about Intelligence Fusion 2.0, you can book a demo of the platform or contact for further details.








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