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Megan Broughton

Regional Intelligence Analyst

Working round the clock to provide incident alerts and intelligence analysis to our clients, Megan works within our 24/7 Operations Centre.

Megan graduated from Cambridge University with a first class degree in 2018, where she developed a keen interest in counter terrorism measures across Lower Manhattan, spending time with NYPD to form the basis of her dissertation.

After graduating, Megan joined us here at Intelligence Fusion as part of our intern programme, with the the North East USA as her primary area of interest – she has since gone on to expand her role within the company, becoming a Regional Analyst in 2019 where she now monitors incidents across the globe.

In her free time, Megan often does volunteer work, including helping at her local food bank throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and assisting at the nearest COVID-19 Vaccination Centre.


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